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ECT-Smoke SS trucks at Coca Cola

Those Bad boys of Smoke’s SS Super Speedway Trucks will be at that bad ass Speedway of Coca Cola tonight.. This is one of the Fastest race tracks we run. So if you love the Speed don’t miss this race.. If your SCARED go seat with your wife and watch !!!!cocacola

ECT-Redchevy Does the Double take !!!

Last night the Smoke’s ss truck hit the bad banks of Talladega SS for whats the one of the closet battles at the end in a while here at ect.. The night started off with ECT-Redchevy taking the pole again with a 50.712.. The race was a 66 laps high speed door to door bump drafting racers dream.. The Caution flew 4 times for a total of 11 laps and there was 13 lead changes among 7 drivers.. Redchevy and Sindone would do battle for most of the race both leading most of the laps.. But at the end Redchevy edged out Sindone by 0.02 at the line. 3rd and 4th came across the line at the same time 0.09, The top 5 trucks at the end was

1- ECT-redchevy
2- ECT-P-Sindone
4- ECT-Leedogg
5- ECT-Mike Scott

The ECT Reporters ran into Redchevy at the ole watering hole with the crew for bath. Seems like they take a bath and wash there close at the sametime. We Thank Chuck for his Victory Lane Pose !!! chuck

Next week the Boys head off to Blueridge for what is always a Fast Track…

Weekenders Leave Charlotte, Finally!

Dateline: Concord, NC
After two weeks, and four races, Robby Neises was quoted as saying, “Enough is enough,” as he stumbled out of the gates of Charlotte Motor Speedway, onto an awaiting golf cart that took him to the SCKL Special, destination: Daytona.
This past week, was the longest races of the year, the 600’s. On Friday Night, -ECT-BSchilling took the victory after newcomer, Harry Codianne took the pole with a fast lap of 191.435 mph. The rest of the Top 5 were: OGR Ellie, J Bridgeman, Codianne, and ECT-JT Mayhew.
Saturday night was the last of the four races. The pole was taken by Robert Baucom with a fast lap of 188.732 mph. Baucom was able to sweep the event, taking the victory to go along with the pole. The rest of the Top 5 were: J Crivello, OGR Ellie, ECT-JT Mayhew, and Eric Fox.
Next week the weekenders will hit the Beast to Tough to Tame, the Monster Mile at Dover. It will be the last race of the first mini-series for Saturday Nights Midnight Thunder. -ECT-Brian Schilling goes into the last race with a 13 point lead.

Weekend Cup Series to Host All-Star Events

sprint all starHere is the format for ECT’s All-Star Races on Friday and Saturday Night:

All drivers who have won a Friday Night Points Race, no matter what the series name, in the last year, and the winners of any Midight Thunder points race, or Series Champions are automatically in the All-Star Race. Anyone who has not met the above criteria, must run in the ECT Open, which qualifies at 9:30 pm eastern on Friday, and 11:45pm eastern on Saturday Night. Practice, which opens at 7:30 pm, and 10:30pm eastern is open for everyone. NOTE: only 10 minutes between Open and All-Star Qualifying on Friday, 5 on Saturday. The Top 2 finishers in the Open have earned the right to put up a time in the ECT All-Star Race Qualifying Session. All automatic qualifiers for the race, and the Top 2 finishers from the open will post a qualifying time. Everyone else from the ECT Open must NOT qualify. You will begin at the back of the field, so everyone does race in the All-Star Races. Anyone already automatically qualified for the All Star Races may NOT run in the Opens.

Below is the segment/races specifics.

When: Friday, May 17th & Saturday, May 18th

Where: Lowes Night SBP AllStar08

Gates Open at: 7:30 pm on Friday, and 10:30 pm eastern on Saturday

ECT Open Qual at: 9:30 pm on Friday, and 11:45pm eastern on Saturday

Race %: 10 % – Friday, 15% – Saturday

Setups: Open Friday, Fixed (Custom) on Saturday

Tire Wear: 2x

ECT All-Star Qual at: 10 minutes after completion of ECT Openon Friday, 5 on Saturday

Race %: 25% Friday, 30% – Saturday

Setup: Open Friday, Fixed (Custom) on Saturday

Tire Wear: 2x

Weekenders Meet Dorothy and Toto in the “Land of Blahhs”

14sweepksDateline: Kansas City, KS

The Friday Night Cup and Midnight Thunder Series’ blew into Kansas Speedway like a tumbleweed crossing I-70. But one driver learned how to harness the wind to victory, not once, but twice last weekend. The class of the field at Kansas Speedway for both series was the driver of the number 14 Bass Pro Chevrolet, -ECT-BSchilling.
In qualifying, and going by laps led, you’d think that Ronie Pearlman would of taken home the trophy Friday. He not only led the most laps of the race, he took the pole with a lap time of 29.874. But in the end Brian was able to take the trophy. The rest of the Top-5 were: NetFX, -ECT-TJ, Ronnie Pearlman, and -ECT-Mike Scott.
Saturday night the race was longer, and Pearlman did not enter the field. Robert Baucom started it off by taking the pole with a speed of 177.090 mph. Unfortunately he was not able to turn his victory into a win, but finished on the lead lap in third place. For the second time this weekend, and by a margin of over 4 seconds, Schilling won the race on fuel mileage. The rest of the Top 5 were: -ECT-Mike Scott, Baucom, FDivvensSr, and J Crivello.
Next week the two series will be in the same town, but at two different tracks in Richmond.

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