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Fun RunWOW ! What a race. Fun was definitely had by all. With twenty laps to go the lead pack was five cars and they were changing partners and the lead several times a lap. At ten to go, BobD and Fredo would drop down for their final green flag pit stops. Fredo would have problems hitting his pit stall and lose his partners draft. with nine to go, DMAR was forced to pit alone putting him in what looked to be a bad position. Bob D had hooked up to the leaders but was a lap down. Just as they ran down DMAR, Redchevy and Q made their final stop with six to go. Bob D was able to reel in DMAR and they were under a full head of steam. Chuck and Bruce would come out in the lead but Rich and Bob had their draft and slowly pulled up to take the lead. At the white it was DMAR, BobD, Redchevy and Q. Going into turn 1, Chuck got under Bob who tried, too late, to block and ended up spinning himself. McClure would jump outside of Martin and try to squeeze him down. The contact put Martin on the apron but spun Chuck out. Laying in the weeds (and probably smoking some), ECT Q pulled alongside DMAR for a nose to nose race to the checkers. While series officials reviewed the tapes, rumors flew through the pits that Q had managed to move his transponder up into the spoiler of his car. The review of the video made it official that Q had won by less than two inches. Post race tech also verified his transponder was in it’s required position. Look forward to next week when everyone returns to the points season.

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