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The lights came up on the shortest track of the Indycar Series schedule. As always, the wall coming out of turn two lay in wait for any driver who didn’t remember which end of the track they were at. OGR Outlaw rolled off on the pole but OGR Bama quickly proved he had the track’s number and pulled out a nice lead. ECT Q brought out the first caution of the night when the turn 2 wall jumped out and bit him. With fresh tires and fuel, ‘Bama again pulled out to a comfortable lead. The second and final caution flew outside of the pit window for everyone, or so The leader believed. When the starter gave the “one to go” signal everyone pitted to top off hanging OGR Bama out front alone. With the race going green the rest of the way Bama would be forced into a green flag stop late for fuel handing the race back to OGR Outlaw and putting him a lap down to the leaders. Bama would get back to a podium finish with a 170 mph bump and run on Q in the final turn of the race. OGR Ellie finished second. Next week we’re back to high speed and banking when we visit the Lone Star Stae. Join us for the fun !

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