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14sweepksDateline: Kansas City, KS

The Friday Night Cup and Midnight Thunder Series’ blew into Kansas Speedway like a tumbleweed crossing I-70. But one driver learned how to harness the wind to victory, not once, but twice last weekend. The class of the field at Kansas Speedway for both series was the driver of the number 14 Bass Pro Chevrolet, -ECT-BSchilling.
In qualifying, and going by laps led, you’d think that Ronie Pearlman would of taken home the trophy Friday. He not only led the most laps of the race, he took the pole with a lap time of 29.874. But in the end Brian was able to take the trophy. The rest of the Top-5 were: NetFX, -ECT-TJ, Ronnie Pearlman, and -ECT-Mike Scott.
Saturday night the race was longer, and Pearlman did not enter the field. Robert Baucom started it off by taking the pole with a speed of 177.090 mph. Unfortunately he was not able to turn his victory into a win, but finished on the lead lap in third place. For the second time this weekend, and by a margin of over 4 seconds, Schilling won the race on fuel mileage. The rest of the Top 5 were: -ECT-Mike Scott, Baucom, FDivvensSr, and J Crivello.
Next week the two series will be in the same town, but at two different tracks in Richmond.

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