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QQQQ Racing SS Series

***** New Series Starts 3-29-20 *****

We will be starting a SS Truck Series on Sunday Nights Starting this Sunday 3-29-20. We WELCOME everyone to come and join us and have some GREAT racing with the BEST Super Speedway drivers online. The Series will run on DaytonaTR and TalladegaTr  Tracks Only and will be Open Set. We will also Help Anyone that needs a set to race so DON’T let that stop you from joining us.. Here is the Set-up for this series !!

Server Name: ECT Super Speedway

Server Opens : 8:00pm est

Qualify: 8:45pm est

Race Time : 9:00pm est

Mod: cws2015


Pit: 2x

Cautions: ON

Weather: 70 Fixed

Damage: Mod

Team speak:

If you have any questions PLEASE contact us in our forums here or our facebook page..  Thank You BE SAFE-GOD BLESS AND HOPE TO SEE YOU HERE !!!







Rain Out & Track Problems !!!!

The ECT truck Series had there First Rain out last week at Talladega and this week 2-5-2020 we may have Track Issues that may stop us from Racing Again this week !! so please check with out facebook page to see if the Track get finished in time..

Thank You 

New Season Starts Tonight !!! cws2015 Trucks

Tonight we start our Long awaited Season !! We will start with the cws2015 Truck Mod and Have some fun a the Super Speedway Tracks to start off. We WELCOME Everyone to come out and have some fun.. We would love to see some old members.. Well server opens at 7-7:30 EST and QF is about 8:30 EST Lets have some fun Guys !!!!

8th Race for IROC

Ladies & gents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Starting Date: May14th 2019
Qualifying Time: 8:30 pm est
Happy Hour: 15min
Track: Tallageda-Daytona multi versions
Length: 35%
Setups: Fixed
Mod: irc
Cautions: On
Pit: 2x
Weather: 70 Fixed
Damage: Mod

Server opens at 7pm est.. Come out and have some fun !!!!

Race # 8 & 9 for The Clash

We are Halfway thru the season and some GREAT Racing going on !! Come join us for the 2nd half of the season !!! Hope to see you here !!!!!

Date: MAY 13, 2019
Qualifying Time: 8:30 pm est
Happy Hour: 15min
Track: Daytona TR
Length: 35%
Setups: Fixed
Mod: MENcup2019_cts
Cautions: On
Pit: 2x
Weather: 70 Fixed
Damage: Mod


This series will run 12 races !!!!


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