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Race 9

Race 9aThe famed Coca Cola track would host the SS Thunder Series for Race 9. For the second week in a row, Past Champion Chuck McClure would set fastest time in quals. Unfortunately, he also was out early for the second week. Redchevy clipped the apron and spun collecting the remainder of the field. Only B&B Racing escaped without damage. They also didn’t pit with the rest of the field setting up two different pit strategies for the rest of the race. When the green dropped again, it would be until the checkers. During the long green flag run, both DMAR and Freddo would self spin from clipping the apron but no caution flags were thrown. B&B as usual set the race pace with their unblemished cars, but had to pit earlier than the rest. The second green flag stops would impact the outcome. Leader Bernie Mobbs would receive back to back black flags for pit road infractions separating him from teammate BobD. When Timbo, lapper Dmar and Q pitted, Phalin had a bad stop and lost the draft with the other two. Tim, Bob and Richard hooked up and slowly pulled away from Bernie and Bruce who were now running together. On the final gas-n-go’s problems would again change the outcome. BobD suffered a bad pit exit cutting him off from the leader Timbo and his helper DMAR. ECT Q would spin entering the pits and miss his entrance forcing a slow lap back around. ECT Bernie once lapped, backed off and collected his teammate to help try and run down the leader. With undamaged cars they were slowly reeling in the leader but would run out of time. ECT Timbo would wheel the Food Lion/Keebler Dodge into victory lane for his first win in the series. Tim was quoted saying “Sometimes it just takes a little Elfin Magic” in a tip of the hat to one of his sponsors. ECT BobD came home a closing second taking the bonus points for most laps led. ECT Q would finish a distant third placing him in a tie with ECT Redchevy for second in the points. ECT Bernie with a fifth overall would leave with a more comfortable lead in the points. Next week we head to Skynard’s “Sweet Home Alabama”.

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