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Redchevy Takes Coca Cola

ECT-Redchevy takes the Pole and the race at Coca Cola Superspeedway.. There was a stealth field of drivers that showed up at the Big Bad Superspeedway. 13 drivers to do battle for 59 laps.. Redchevy would play it smart along with his side kick Mike (savin Gas ) Scott..


Race Weather: Clear, 70 �F, North 0 mph

  • Qualifying Weather: Clear, 70 �F, North 0 mph
  • Lead Changes:  15 (7 drivers)
  • Cautions: 4 (16 laps)
  • Most Positions Gained: -ECT-Mike Scott gaining 5 positions
  • Most Positions Lost: R.J losing -8 positions


Smoke’s Camping World Truck’s Hit Blueridge Speedway

Tonight them Crazy Super Speedway Drivers in the Smoke SS Truck series will be at The High Banks of Blueridge Speedway for some door to door high speed bumping & grinding at 200mph. Don’t miss the Action!! Can Redchevy continue his lead or will ECT-Ck or Pete Sindone be up front giving the leader heart failure. The action starts at 7:30 with Qualifying 8:30 follow by the Race.. blueridgethumb

Smoke’s SS Truck Series 1st Race

Well we had out first Race Last Night for the Smokes SS Truck Series and What a turn out !!! 16 trucks with the Best of the Best showing up.. It was a 70 lap race with our Old Shit ECT-Mike Scott taking the Pole with a speed of 188.336 fast,fast… 2nd was ECT-FDiesel. Great race !!!

Race Weather: Clear, 70 �F, North 0 mph
Qualifying Weather: Clear, 70 �F, North 0 mph
Lead Changes: 17 (8 drivers)
Cautions: 6 (17 laps)
Most Positions Gained: -ECT-Jim gaining 6 positions
Most Positions Lost: -ECT-Mike Scott losing -15 positions

After all said and done ECT-Redchevy takes the win with ECT-P-Sindone 0.06 in second, 3rd was ECT-CK 0.06 tied with Pete and ECT-J Cirvello was .011behind them and rounding out the Top 5 was MrBobD.. Thanks to all that came out for the Season Opener see you all next week at The Fast Banks at Blueridge Speedway..


ECT-Redchevy Does the Double take !!!

Last night the Smoke’s ss truck hit the bad banks of Talladega SS for whats the one of the closet battles at the end in a while here at ect.. The night started off with ECT-Redchevy taking the pole again with a 50.712.. The race was a 66 laps high speed door to door bump drafting racers dream.. The Caution flew 4 times for a total of 11 laps and there was 13 lead changes among 7 drivers.. Redchevy and Sindone would do battle for most of the race both leading most of the laps.. But at the end Redchevy edged out Sindone by 0.02 at the line. 3rd and 4th came across the line at the same time 0.09, The top 5 trucks at the end was

1- ECT-redchevy
2- ECT-P-Sindone
4- ECT-Leedogg
5- ECT-Mike Scott

The ECT Reporters ran into Redchevy at the ole watering hole with the crew for bath. Seems like they take a bath and wash there close at the sametime. We Thank Chuck for his Victory Lane Pose !!! chuck

Next week the Boys head off to Blueridge for what is always a Fast Track…

The Outlaw is on a Hot Streak !!!

ECT-P-Sindone has taken down yet another WIN !! This will be Sindone’s 3rd win out of 4 races. Sindone says his crew gets all the credit for these wins. They have given me one Fast truck this season and I hope to bring it home with another Championship this season.. We have had some GREAT races since the season has started and each week we seem to be getting bigger fields and the Caliper of drivers are the best..


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